Game Mode

Participants will only be able to play the Streets of Tarkov map to complete a series of challenges created specifically for the aforementioned map.

The event will take place on a weekly basis, starting on Saturday, 28 January, at 9:00 PM CET / 3:00 PM EST and will end as soon as all participants have challenged each other.

The event is divided into an online and an offline phase.

Online Phase

The Online phase is the main mode of the event.

Participants will be allowed to chose between streaming this phase on Twitch and sharing their application through Discord.

The Streets of Tarkov

The Streets of Tarkov will be the first one that each participant will be required to complete.

Each participant will have 45 minutes to complete the set route as quickly as possible (map HERE), taking home at least one (1) kill on PMC.

The route will be freely chosen by each participant, with no conditions attached, points may be touched in any order. Each point must be certified by throwing a smoke grenade at the point indicated by the following screenshots:

Each player will receive a time bonus for the following actions:

– Each Scav kills: – 3 seconds;

– Each PMC kills: – 15 seconds;

– Each Rare Object Loot (purple background): – 15 seconds.

The matches will be completed in the days leading up to the event, at times to be agreed with the judges provided by Utopia Gaming.

Offline phase

The Offline phase will see participants from the Online phase compete for a cut of the time achieved in the Online phase.

Owning the Edge Of Darkness edition and being on Twitch is mandatory to participate in this phase.

Blood on the Streets

During the evening of the event, two all-to-all deathmatches will be organized in an Offline environment. Only players involved in the Online phase will be present on the map.

Each instance of the deathmatch will involve fighting in one of the four districts of Streets of Tarkov. The area where the fight will take place will be designated by the judges on the evening of the event. Players can engage each other outside of the area if they meet before reaching it but they must reach the area in the given time, or they’ll take the last position for that instance of the minigame.

The use of grenade launchers and thermal imaging devices of any kind will be prohibited.

For each individual deathmatch, participants will receive a deduction of the time gained in the Online phase.

The last player alive will have 9 seconds deducted from their original time, and so on and so forth until the last player has 0 seconds deducted.

Screenshots required: End of raid screenshot including raid time and kills made.

Survival of the Streets

In a mad loot race, participants will challenge each other in an offline environment to a fast and bloody loot collection all against all. Points will be calculated based on the number and rarity of items collected. Players may only bring to the raid, for defence, a 9mm calibre CR200 Revolver; 12 rounds 9×19 PSO gzh and 3M type armour.

The use of any other equipment or stimulants that give any kind of protection or damage reduction to the body will be prohibited.

Screenshots required: Screenshots of the loot story during the raid.

Each participant will receive the following points depending on the type of items collected.

  • Gold background items: 4 points
  • Purple background items: 3 points
  • Blue background items: 2 points
  • Items with other backgrounds: 1 point

Depending on the score, the first one will get 9 seconds deducted from the original time and so on down to the last one who will get 0 seconds deducted.

Don’t Forget the Struggle, Don’t Forget the Streets

All participants will spawn in a single spawn, and will have to eliminate each other in a one-on-one deathmatch.

The weapon of choice is free, any melee weapon present in Escape From Tarkov is valid.

The valid play area is limited to the group’s spawn location.

Required screenshots: End of raid screenshot including raid time and kills made.

Team composition

Each team must consist of one player.

During the Online phase, participants can choose to stream on their Twitch channel or via Discord.

During the Offline phase, participants are requested to stream either on their Twitch channel, or on a twitch channel that we will provide for them for this specific occasion.

Each participant must use, as the call sign of their ‘PMC’, a name that is clearly traceable to their Twitch or Discord.

Minimum stream requirements

720p 60fps.

4500 kbps bit rate.

Enable public saving of VODs for at least 3 days.

Partner or Twitch Affiliation not required.

It is strongly recommended to enable 1 minute delay in Twitch livestreams.

The following requirements, except for VOD and delay points, also apply to Discord.

Point counting

Each participant will be assigned a text/voice channel within Utopia Gaming’s Discord. This channel must be used for the duration of the Event and will be used to receive communications from the Organisers and send screenshots useful for counting points.

Each participant will be asked to take screenshots in order to confirm the completion of certain challenges. These screenshots are detailed in the challenges section.

All screenshots must be submitted, within a maximum of 15 minutes after the end of the game phase, within the participant’s Discord text channel.


The only points that will be counted will be those that can be traced back to these screenshots, therefore, not following the guidelines may compromise the awarding of any scores.

Victory Conditions

To win the Streets of Hate Event, participants must complete the Online phase (‘The Streets of Tarkov’) in the shortest possible time.

At the end of each week, a provisional ranking will be drawn up for the Event, which will be deemed complete once all participants have competed all tournament phases described above.


In the event of a tie, the ranking will be defined by the extra points completed. 

Should a further tie occur, the ranking will be defined by whoever has achieved the highest number of PMC kills and, should this also be tied, by whoever has achieved the highest number of Scav kills.

In the Offline phase, in case of a tie, the ranking will be defined by the following conditions:

  • Blood on the Streets: In case of a tie, players with the same raid time will receive the time deduction according to their ranking position.
  • Survival of the Streets: In case of a tie, players with the same score will receive the time deduction based on the presence in the raid inventory of the highest number of items in this order: Gold Background Items – Purple Background Items – Blue Background Items – sum of all items
  • Don’t Forget the Struggle, Don’t Forget the Streets: In case of a tie, players with the same raid time will receive the time deduction according to their ranking position.