Game mode
Participants will have to compete in the Reserve map to get the most Dogtags. Each TEAM will have 3 hours of time, fully customized profiles and exclusive access to Private Servers for the event.
Composition of the teams
  1. Each team must consist of three players and, possibly, a reserve;
  2. The reserve will not be considered an active part of the team until the replacement of a player with the latter is notified to the judges;
  3. Each participant must use, as the name of their “PMC”, a name clearly traceable to their Twitch name. The Captains of each team must add the title Capt.
Example: Twitch name: Enzo —— tournament name: Capt.Enzo
How to play
  1. Each team will have three hours to get the most points exclusively within the Reserve map, the team that scores the most points wins;
  2. All team members are required to show the event timer provided on the screen;
  3. All team members are obliged to enter the game together. Any points obtained in “Solo” or “Duo” will not be counted towards the final score;
  4. After the end of a raid, the whole team can immediately rejoin a new game;
  5. Only active team members can score points. The team score is given by the sum of the scores of its members;
  6. Each active member will have a Personalized Profile available and the entire tournament will be played on Personalized Private Servers, therefore, all will start at the same level. The initial endowment will be visible at the bottom of this page;
  7. Each Captain will be provided with a unique Armband which cannot be removed for the duration of the Tournament. It is forbidden for all other members of the team to wear or carry the Armband on a raid. Under penalty of immediate disqualification of the entire team;
  8. The use of Secure Containers is prohibited. You will not be able to use any Secure Containers in raids. Under penalty of immediate disqualification of the entire team;
  9. At the end of 3:00 hours, each player still in the game must MANDATORY exit the Raid by disconnecting.
Counting points
  1. Each team will be assigned a specific voice and text room within the Utopia Gaming  Discord. The voice channel must be used for the entire duration of the tournament. Furthermore, all communications from the Organizers will be provided in the text channels of their team;
  2. The captain of each team must show the number of Dogtags obtained through an overlay on the screen. This is not mandatory for the other team members but recommended;
  3. At the end of the 3:00 hours established for the competition, each player must frame their profile summary screen (Overall) and take screenshots;
  4. After this, a summary screenshot of the Dogtag present in the inventory must be made, taking care to separate as much as possible those of the enemies from those of the companions (to speed up the counting of points)
  5. If in the inventory there are allied Dogtags, screenshots of the single ones must be made to certify that they are not TEAMKILL, under penalty of exclusion of these points;
  6. All screenshots must be sent to your team’s Discord text channel.
PLEASE NOTE: The only points that will be counted will be those attributable to these screenshots, therefore not following the guidelines may compromise the rankings
Victory conditions
The final ranking of the Tournament will be calculated based on the following: 1) 1 pt. for each Dogtag of their team. Dogtags obtained through TeamKill will not be counted; 2) 2 pt. for each opposing Dogtag; 3) 3 pt. for each Dogtag of the opposing Captain. In case of a tie, the ranking will be defined by the highest number of Headshots of the team (in case of further tie the ranking will be defined by the number of kills with this priority: PMC> Scav);


To ensure a uniform starting level, all players participating in the tournament will have access to a profile with the following characteristics and equipment.

Generic Info

  • Level 42;
  • all Merchants at Lvl 4;
  • all stats at Lvl 25;
  • 5 millions Rubles, 10 thousands Dollars;
  • 4x AquaMari,
  • 6x Iskra lunchbox;
  • Workbench LVL 1;
  • Flea Market is blocked;
  • All items in stash are examined;
  • Stash size is standard;

Healing Items

  • 4x Cms;
  • 2x Surv12;
  • 3x Golden stars;
  • 3x Vaseline.


  • 180x 7.62x51mm M62 Tracer
  • 180x 7.62x39mm BP gzh
  • 200x 9x19mm AP 6.3
  • 180x 5.45x39mm BS gs.


  • 2x BNTI Gzhel-K armor.

Other infos

  • captains have to wear an armband.
  • no secure container