1. Point gathering, via completion of trackable challenges. List of challenges here.
    1. Ten teams for each region.
    2. Each team is allowed to sign up to 3 players and one reserve.
    3. The reserve player is not counted as an active member of the team, unless it is first notified to the judges, along with the name of the player to be exonerated.
    4. It is allowed to swap active players even during the tournament, but doing so forfeit whatever the swapped out player achieved.
    1. Each team has 2:30 hours to raid.
    2. There are no item restrictions. The only restriction is the “Factory” map, which cannot be played for the duration of the qualification. Any points obtained on this map will be void.
    3. There are no grouping rules (play as team, play duo, play solo), but it is not allowed for an active member of the team to enter a raid with someone not part of his/her team.
    4. Points are going to be tracked by logging the account recap screen at the end of the 2:30 hours, exact procedure at section 4.
    5. Points are tracked only for active members.
    6. The final score of each team is the aggregated value of all its active members’ scores.
    7. The best 3 teams of each region are qualified for the MAIN EVENT, and act as representative for their region.
    8. Challenges have a priority rating, meaning in the event of a TIE, the winner will be decided by looking at how well the teams performed, starting with the challenges with highest priority.
    1. Challenges are designed to be completely trackable via the account recap screen, therefore there is no need to log any screen during the 2:30 hours of raiding.
    2. At the end of the three hours, once the last raid has ended, each player has to look at their recap screen during the stream and take a screenshot live. 
    3. Those screenshots need to be named with the name of the team and the in-game name of the player, then sent to our MAIL [email protected]  . In addition, inside the mail should be written the link to the VOD of the stream. This is not an option, failing to make your screenshot identifiable by the judges means it will be considered void.
    4. The stream VOD has to be public and remain visionable by the judges after the tournament ends, for at least 7 days.