Italy VS France tournament presentation

Two countries, six captains, six squads of 3 brave soldiers each. To kickstart the Spring competitive season, we present you a first iteration of a competition between National Teams in Escape From Tarkov. To win, 3 squads for each Country will need to cooperate and acquire as many points as possible, by completing consecutive challenges. There will be fantastic trophies waiting for them, at the end, kindly provided by TheBros Inc. And while we guarantee an even playing field by giving each player the same preset account, gently provided by BSG, we know Tarkov is ever a treacherous place, each raid full of pitfalls and deceptions; will our brave captains lead their teams thru all the dangers and put their flag on the podium?

A special thank to: GameTales

Graphics made by: Azoto#0147

Teaser made by: Clapperone



Presidente e Fondatore Utopia Gaming

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