The Great Escape From Tarkov Invitational

The Battle

The event will take place on January 15, 2023.

20 teams, consisting of 3 components, will compete in accomplishing the highest number of challenges created by our staff under the supervision of BattleState Games. All set on Private Servers and with custom profiles.

The 20 teams will be captained by Creators specifically chosen to compete in a scenario as dynamic and unique as Escape From Tarkov.

The event, created by Utopia Gaming and EGA Events, will allow 60 players to access an unprecedented competition with an entirely new system.

The support given by Sponsors of the caliber of Mr. Warthog will guarantee a prize pool unparalleled in the Italian Escape From Tarkov tournament scene.

Escaping from Tarkov has never been so difficult!

What are “Private Servers”

When we talk about Private Servers we refer to game sessions (RAID), where only registered teams will be able to access them.

The decision to bring the tournament to private servers is instrumental in providing healthy competition among competing teams, ensuring them direct confrontations and fair play unequaled on Escape From Tarkov.

General Information

The Main Event will take place, specifically, on the two maps “Customs” and “Reserve“.

There will be 3 rounds on both maps; each round will be followed by a break dedicated to the participants’ technical analysis, which will be carried out live.

Given the nature of the Title, any Creator who ends any round prematurely will be given the opportunity to play an extra round on the “Factory” map, completing challenges designed for the occasion, while waiting for the start of the next round.

At the end of the 6 rounds, a complete ranking of the event will be compiled.

More details will be shared over the next few weeks, stay connected to always stay updated!

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