Game mode

Participants will have to compete in “The Labs”,”Reserve” and “Customs” maps to get the highest number of Dogtags and kill the highest number of entities valid for the point count. Each participant will have 3 hours of time and will be provided with custom profiles.

Composition of the teams

Each team must consist of one player.

All participants must necessarily stream on their Twitch channel;

Each participant must use, as the name of their “PMC”, a name clearly traceable to their Twitch name.

Minimum stream requirements

  • 720p 60fps.
  • 4500 kbps bit rate.
  • Enable public saving of VODs for at least 3 days.
  • Twitch Affiliate or Partner not required.
  • It is highly recommended to enable a 1 minute delay in livestreams on Twitch.

How to Play

  1. Each participant will have 3:00 hours to get the most points.
  2. Each phase of the tournament (quarterfinals; semifinal and final) will last one day, for a total of 3 days per tournament (3 days North America and 3 days Europe).
  3. The first phase of each tournament will see 50 participants fight. Of these, 25 participants will be admitted to the second stage of each tournament. Only 10 participants will compete in the last phase of each tournament.
  4. The maps you can access will be only The Labs; Customs and Reserve. Each map can be played as many times as you want, it is not mandatory to play all the maps indicated
  5. Participants will receive the start of the raid directly from the judges. Participants can NOT, in any way, start the first raid without authorization.
  6. After a Raid, each participant will be able to search for a new game.
  7. All participants will have a Personalized Profile available, all the details will be visible at the bottom of this page from 7 November. (PRESET)
  8. Players will need to use automatic server selection throughout the tournament.
  9. The use of Secure Containers is allowed.
  10. At the end of 3:00 hours, each player still in the game will have to exit the Raid by disconnection and/or suicide.

Counting points

  1. Each participant will be assigned a specific ROLE within the Utopia Gaming Discord. The voice channel must be used for the entire duration of the tournament. The textual channel will be used to receive communications from the Organizers and send the screenshots useful for counting points;
  2. At the end of each RAID, each player will have to frame their own summary screen at the end of the RAID and take screenshots of the kills made within the single RAID;
  3. After that, at the end of 3:00 hours, a summary screenshot of the Dogtags present in the inventory must be made. The FIR Dogtag must be inserted within the “Dogtag Case“. Any Dogtag outside of it will not be counted.
  4. All screenshots must be sent, within a maximum of 15 minutes from the end of the game phase, within the participant’s Discord text channel.


The only points that will be counted will only be those attributable to these screenshots, therefore, not following the guidelines may compromise the counting of any scores.

Victory Conditions

The final ranking of each stage of the Tournament will be calculated based on the following:

  • 5 pt. for each kill of the Boss;
  • 4 pt each PMC Kill;
  • 3 pt. for each draw with “survived” status
  • 3 pt. for each Raider kill;
  • 2 pt. for each kill of Boss guards;
  • 2 pt. for each PMC Dogtag (FIR and extracted);
  • 0.5 pt. for each kill of Scav;


In case of a tie, the ranking will be defined by the highest number of Headshots of the participants (in case of further tie the ranking will be defined by the number of kills with the following priority: PMC> Scav);


To ensure a uniform starting level, all players participating in the tournament will have access to a profile with the following characteristics and equipment: 


  • Rubles: 10 000 000
  • Dollars: 20 000
  • Euro: 20 000
  • Account lvl: 42
  • Skills lvl: All 35
  • Clothes: All available
  • Traders: All available
  • Loyalty: Max with every trader
  • Flea market: Closed
  • Secure container: Gamma
  • Hideout: Workbench lvl 1


Prohibited items:

  • Trijicon REAP-IR thermal scope
  • FLIR RS-32 2.25-9x 35mm 60Hz thermal rifle scope
  • FN40GL Mk2 grenade launcher
  • T-7 Thermal Goggles with a Night Vision mount
  • UNV DLOC-IRD sight mount

Special items:

  • Bullets: 600 BP 7.62x39mm, 600 M855A1 5.56x45mm, 600 M62 Tracer 7.62x51mm, 600 BS 5.45x39mm.
  • Heals: 10 afak, 5 golden star, 5 vaseline, 5 survival kits, 5 cms, 5 aluminium splits, 10 calok-b, 20 SJ6.
  • Grenades: 12 RGD5 Grenades, 12 F-1 Grenades, 12 Zarya Stun Grenades
  • Keys: Factory Key, 5 lab keycards
  • Mish: 12 Aquamari, 12 Peas Can, 12 ISKRA, 1 Ammo Box, Compass, dogtag case, med case