1. Profanity. Please avoid swearing or using harsh language during the stream.
  2. Harassment. Avoid using language, nicknames or other expressions that may hurt others feelings, especially when referring to gender, gender identity, origin, physical ability, sexual orientation, religion, age, political orientation and topics of equal weight.
  3. Threats. Making any kind of threats is strictly prohibited.
  4. Cheating. Hacking, cheating, any kind of unfair advantages is strictly prohibited.
  5. Private information. Avoid sharing yours or our account information or any other private information that could put others at risk.


  1. The individual Teams are responsible for their own hardware and internet connections. The Tournament will not be postponed due to technical problems and player substitutions are not allowed.
  2. All participants MUST stream for the entire duration of the tournament. The choice of the streaming platform is at their discretion (as long as they contain references to the Event). Within the registration form, there is the possibility to choose the streaming platform (Discord is allowed); if not all Team members will choose the same platform, it is recommended to indicate it in the registration form. Also, every participant need to activate “VOD” on their livestream and it shall be visible for at least 7 days.
  3. In case of crashes and / or malfunctions during the “Raid”, unless the player is able to reconnect to the same raid, the latter will be invalidated for the point count. The judges will ensure the smooth running of the tournament. At least one will be present within the individual rooms used for the tournament.
  4. Each Team has the possibility to choose a reserve player as long as he is registered in the same way as the rest of the Team. The reserve player need to be communicated BEFORE the green light on a tournament.
  5. Only Players / Teams involved in the Tournament are allowed to open a complaint. 
  6. The judges and the board of organisers have the final say in any judgement to be made.
  7. Repeated violations may result in the exclusion of the Team from the event.
  8. Those who commit grievous offences or repeatedly offend may be permanently banned from future Utopia competitions.

please note

Repeated violations will result in the exclusion of the entire Team from the event. If a controversial situation that is not described in these rules arise, the captain must open a complaint after the match has ended. If you want to appeal any admonition you can contact us at [email protected]