Two Nations, 6 captains, 6 teams of three soldiers. To start the spring season, here is a first reinterpretation of a tournament between national teams, where 3 teams from each nation, cooperate to overcome a series of linked challenges and accumulate the most points to the victory. And even if the Fair Play ensured by the presets kindly granted by BSG, the world of Tarkov is cruel and offers no certainty, will the captains be able to extricate themselves from the pitfalls of the raids and raise their flag on the podium?
On Saturday 17 April from 21:00 to 24:00 the teams will clash. The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday 18 April at 21:00.
French captains: Chaab, Morloft (Quebec), Nwashi   Ialian captains: Kilnier, NNarcos, Hypah

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