Every team will have to play the following maps at the start of the tournament:

  • Interchange
  • Labs
  • Reserve

There is no obligation to play the maps in this sequence (but each map can be played ONLY ONE time).
After the first 3 raids teams may play any map of their choosing, except for Factory.

Cutthroat Competition

Points: 2 pt each PMC kill

Kill PMCs in any way. Kills on fellow squad members do not count.

Collateral Damages

Points: 0.5 pt each SCAV kill

Kill SCAVs in any way (Bosses, Guards and Raiders are considered as SCAVs)


Points: 3 pt each Found In Raid Dogtag

Dogtags “Found in Raid” recovered during raids. Any dogtag counts except squad member’s. The Dogtags of squadmates killed by other players count towards the counter. The Dogtags need to have the status Found in Raid

Aiming reticle [CAPTAIN CHALLENGE]

Points: 0.2 pt each headshot

Kills with Headshots. Doesn’t matter if it’s towards SCAVs or PMCs. Headshots on fellow squad members do not count

Penny and Dime

Points: 0.5 pt each sniper kill

Kills with Sniper Rifles. Doesn’t matter if it’s towards SCAV or PMCs. Kills on fellow squad members do not count.

Memento Mori

Each team member’s score from other challenges will be multiplied by their survival rate. The result will be his final score.

(I.E. 300 points, 80% survival rate → 300×80%=240. 240 is his final score)

*TEAM points are not affected by Survival Rate and they will be added at the end.*

Smoke everywhere

Points: Each completed map is worth 10 TEAM points.

The squad has to perform a marking run with smoke grenades on the Lab, Interchange and Reserve. Each map has 3 spots to mark. All 3 spots need to be marked in the same raid. At least one squad member must get the SURVIVED status after all the spots have been marked.
Each spot will have a screenshot to simplify things for players!

LABS: Center of Parking (yellow zone), in front of Red/Violet office, inside Labs Yellow Tent

INTERCHANGE: Inside Kiba, inside Power Station, inside Papillon

RESERVE: On top of Dome, Inside the Chopper, Inside top floor of Red Brick Tower (on top of Bunker Depot extract).

The ones we leave behind

Points: 0.3 TEAM points per 100.000 rubles value to Fence

Each team member will fill an “Item Case”, only its 64 slots will count for the challenge; The Item value is the selling price worth to Fence; players may change the items inside the Item Case until the time is up; only Found In Raid” items will count.

Path of the righteous

Points: 3 TEAM points each raid successfully extracted by all members

Extraction performed by all three members of the team in the same raid with status “Survived”.

*This challenge only grants points once per different map*.


  • Each team will be assigned a specific voice and text room in the UtopiaGaming Discord  where at least one judge will be present for the whole duration of the Tournament in order to ensure its proper conduct;
  • At the end of the three hours, once the last raid has ended, each player has to look at their recap screen (“Overall”) and take a screenshot.
  • Those screenshots need to be named with the name of the team and the in-game name of the player, then sent to your team’s discord channel. In addition, inside the mail should be written the link to the VOD of the stream. This is not an option, failing to make your screenshot identifiable by the judges means it will be considered void.

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