Stream presentation

The prime trailer for the France vs Italy tournament is finally live, made by Clapperone; you can watch it directly on YouTube and on our website. Given the occasion we wish to announce the channels and casters that will provide coverage of the whole event in their respective language, and the final dates for the event itself.

The main stream is hosted in Italian by the staff from UtopiaGaming, on their channel. The Arabic stream is covered by the staff from EftArabic on their channel. The English stream features Sneakyru007 and Justkilo on their respective channels. The French stream is covered by Mick3y54 on his channel.

The show will start on April 17, at 8:30 PM UTC+2, featuring the 3-hour marathon of challenges between the two formations. The subsequent day, April 18, at 9:00 PM UTC+2, we will broadcast the award ceremony and announce the winner. During the live broadcast, on the main channel, we will also host a giveaway of various keys, both Standard and Test, kindly provided by BSG. Over and out.

Announcement Announcement Announcement


This 17 of April, a sport classic, a competition between National Teams, will finally find its way into EFT, with our France vs Italy tournament. Yet nothing of this could ever be possible without the support and contribution of all our partners, of our sponsors and naturally of the developer itself, Battlestate Games.

First thing first, we wish to thank The Bros Inc for their creative and practical contribution, as they gently provide the prizes for our players, they are already known in the streamer scene for their proficiency with CNC machining and designing and we are happy to have them onboard; we wish to thank Gametales for the kind coverage of the event; and of course we wish to thank our French colleagues and emissaries as they were there from the inception, essential to the whole event feasibility; as it is natural, we are thanking BSG for all their continuous support, for kindly providing their preset accounts to our players, and for helping us promoting the event on their social channels. Last but not least, we would love to thank the whole Italian community, its home found in the Tarkov Italia discord server, for being open minded and available to new challenges; inter alia, two of its members deserve special thanks, Azoto and Clapperone, being them the authors behind the graphics and trailer of the tournament, respectively.

All that said, you are all invited to this great event April 17, stay tuned for further news.

Utopia 2.0

After a long time we are finally back!

Many of you will surely have followed us as organizers of the Escape From Tarkov Winter Cup organized in collaboration with Escape From Tarkov Italia and for all EFT lovers we are happy to tell you that we have new projects coming for the whole community of which we are very proud .

Tonight we will publish a dedicated post in which you will find all the information!

We would like to extend a special thanks to all those who have supported us and who support us in our projects, this is just the beginning!