Game mode

Participants could battle through all the maps to complete the most number of challenges in their Bingo card. The challenges, in detail, will be visible here.

Each participant will have 4 hours of time and totally customized profiles.

Composition of the teams

Each team must be composed of two players, one of the two will be designated as the Team Captain.

All participants must necessarily stream on their Twitch channel, or create one for the occasion;

Each participant must use, as the name of their “PMC”, a name clearly traceable to their Twitch name.

Minimum stream requirements

  • 720p 60fps.
  • 4500 kbps bit rate.
  • Enable public saving of VODs for at least 3 days.
  • Twitch Affiliate or Partner not required.
  • It is highly recommended to enable a 1 minute delay in livestreams on Twitch.

How to Play

  1. Each participant will have 4:00 hours to get the most points.
  2. Use of the Scav and Offline modes will not be allowed for all the duration of the tournament.
  3. All maps can be played as many times as you want; it is not mandatory to play them all.
  4. The start of the first raid will be communicated to the Participants directly from the judges. Participants can NOT, in any way, start the first raid without authorization.
  5. After a Raid, each team will be able to search for a new game.
  6. If a team member ends the raid early, he/she will have to wait for his/her teammate to finish the raid before he/she can start a new game.
  7. All participants will have a Personalized Profile available, all the details will be visible at the bottom of this page. (PRESET)
  8. Players will need to use automatic server selection throughout the tournament.
  9. The use of Secure Containers is allowed.
  10. At the end of 4:00 hours, each player who is still in the game will have to exit the Raid by disconnection and/or suicide.

Counting points

  1. Each team will be assigned to a specific voice and text CHANNEL within the Utopia Gaming Discord. The voice channel must be used for the entire duration of the tournament and the text channel will be used to receive communications from the Organizers and send the screenshots useful for counting points;
  2. Each team will be required to take screenshots in order to confirm the completion of certain Bingo squares. These screenshots will be detailed on the page related to the challenges.
  3. It is highly recommended that you upload screenshots as you go to claim square as the event progresses. All screenshots must be sent, within a maximum of 15 minutes from the end of the game phase, within the squad’s Discord text channel.

The only points that will be counted will be those relatable to these screenshots, therefore, not following the guidelines may compromise the counting of any scores.

Victory Conditions

To claim victory in the Bingo event, a team must complete all the squares on the card, with evidence of all the required tasks/objects submitted as stated in the “Counting points” section.

The overall ranking for the event will be based on who can complete their Bingo card in the shortest amount of time.

For teams that do not complete their Bingo card, the score given in the individual challenges will be considered.


In case of tie, the ranking will be defined by the points per square that are completed. In case of further tie the ranking will be defined by the number of squares completed at Tier 3, if the same then Tier 2, if the same Tier 1. In that case priority will be given to the team that has completed a “line” in the fastest time.



To ensure a uniform starting level, all players participating in the tournament will have access to a profile with the following characteristics and equipment: 


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