Badlands Tournament

The Battle

The event will take place on the 13th of August 2022 at 2pm EST

You can register for FREE untill  August 11 by following the dedicated form.

The event, branded “Utopia Gaming: Badlands”, will allow 40* individuals from all around the world to access an intense kill race! Prepare yourself and fight for your position on the Podium!

*Due to the INCREDIBLE amount of responses we’ve had for the tournament, we’ve decided to INCREASE the player count to 60! We are blown away by all of the AMAZING players that have signed up so far.
Players will be announced soon!

The Maps

We are going to focus on 3 different maps:

  • Reserve, the perfect battleground with intense raiders and Glukhar with his team.
  • Customs, arguably the most renown Tarkov map, featuring Reshala and possibly the Goon Squad.
  • Factory, for some signature close quarters combat with the potential of running into the feared Tagilla himself!

General Information

We are keeping the focus on confirming PMC kills but the battlefield is full of many surprises, expect to see our participants running through intense firefights. Get ready to dodge scavs, kill PMCs and extract in time to achieve the best score you can on each map. Your strategy is your choice. Can you come out on top?

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