Game Modes

Participants will have to compete in The Labs map to achieve the highest number of kills and Dogtags. Each participant will have 3 hours, customized profiles and exclusive access to Private Servers provided for the event.

Team Composition

Each team must consist of 1 (one) player.
All participants must stream on their own Twitch channel;
Each participant must use, as the call sign of their “PMC”, a name that is clearly traceable to their Twitch call sign.

Minimum stream requirements

720p 30fps.
3500 kbps bit rate.
Enable public saving of VODs for at least 3 days.
Partner or Twitch Affiliation not required.
1 minute delay on stream

Additional information

Each participant will have 3:00 hours to get the most confirmed kills and/or Dogtags.
The only map you can/will have access to is The Labs.
After finishing a Raid, players will be able to rejoin and search for a new game.
All participants will have a Custom Profile, which can be seen at the bottom of this page. (PRESET)
The entire Tournament will take place within Custom Private Servers, provided directly by “BattleState Games”.
The use of Secure Containers is prohibited.
At the end of 3:00 hours, any player still in the game will be required to exit the Raid by logging out.
If any of the above points are not respected, or unsportsmanlike behaviour is found, you will be disqualified from the Tournament.

Point Counting

Each participant will be assigned a specific ROLE within the Utopia Gaming Discord. The voice channel is to be used for the duration of the Tournament. The text channel will be used to receive communications from the Organisers and to send screenshots for the point count;
At the end of the 3:00 hours set for the competition, each player must take a screenshot of their profile summary screen (Overall) and make screenshots;
After this, a summary screenshot of the Dogtags in the inventory must be taken.
All screenshots must be sent within the individual participant’s Discord text channel.
The only points that will be counted (in case of technical problems) will be those that can be traced back to these screenshots, therefore, not following the guidelines may jeopardise the awarding of any points.

Victory Conditions

The final ranking of the Tournament will be calculated according to the following and count only after extract:

  • 1 pt. for each PMC kill without Dogtag;
  • 3 pts. for every PMC kill with Dogtag.

In case of a tie, the ranking will be defined by the highest number of Headshots of the player (in case of a further tie the ranking will be defined by the number of kills with the following priority: PMC > Raiders);


To ensure a uniform starting level, all players participating in the tournament will have access to a profile with the following characteristics and equipment: 

Generic Info

  • Level 42;
  • all Merchants at Lvl 4;
  • all stats at Lvl 25;
  • 20 millions Rubles, 20 thousands Dollars;
  • 8x AquaMari,
  • 6x Iskra lunchbox;
  • Workbench LVL 1;
  • Flea Market is blocked;
  • All items in stash are examined;
  • Stash size is standard;

Healing Items

  • 8x Cms;
  • 4x Surv12;
  • 8x Golden stars;
  • 8x Vaseline.


  • 500x 7.62x51mm M62 Tracer;
  • 500x 7.62x39mm BP gzh;
  • 500x 5.56x39mm M855A1;
  • 500x 9x19mm AP 6.3;
  • 500x 5.45x39mm BS gs.


  • 6x BNTI Gzhel-K armor.

Other infos

  • No secure container.