What are “Private Servers”

When we talk about Private Servers we refer to game sessions (RAIDs), that only registered players will be able to access.
This is a direct collaboration with the game developers BattleState Games (BSG), which directly approves and supervises this event.

The decision to bring the tournament to private servers is crucial to offer healthy competition between the competing players, guaranteeing them direct matches, in which they can prove that they really are in the Badlands.

The battle

The event will be divided into EU phase and NA phase.
The EU phase will take place on 8 April 2023 from 21:00 CEST.
The NA phase will take place on 15 April 2023 from 21:00 CEST.

You can register for free by filling out the dedicated form.

The event will give 100 selected players, 50 EU and 50 NA, access to an unprecedented competition within Private Servers.

The map

The Labs is the perfect battleground to host a PVP event of this magnitude.

A variety of multi-level environments will guarantee different playstyles, so as to leave the players free to choose their own strategy.


  • First place: 250$(eft merch store coupons) + 1 standard key
  • Second place: 150$(eft merch store coupons) + 1 standard key
  • Third place: 100$(eft merch store coupons) + 1 standard key

General information

We have deliberately chosen to keep the RAIDERS, so as to make the Raid more unpredictable, not undermining the natural difficulty and experience that distinguishes it.

Don’t waste too many bullets, you will need them!

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