Adaptive Warfare Tournament

Tournament Format 

The goal of this tournament is to collect as many dog tags as possible. during two five hour rounds played over two days.

The tournament will last two days. Each stage will last about 5 hours

  1. The team of two participants will consist of 1 adaptive controls player and 1 normal controls player. 
  2. All participants MUST stream their sessions on Twitch or on Discord. VODs (past broadcast) may remain visible (and public) on each participants’ profile for at least 3 days. 
  3. We’ll have a previously set Discord server for the tournament. Each team will be given a specific room on this server where at least one supervisor will be present at all times to guarantee the fair application of all the rules. 
  4. If any player or teams have questions before or during the tournament, we ask that you speak to your team’s moderator. 
  5. At no time will any disrespectful or inappropriate conversation, gestures or comments be tolerated. If anyone is caught doing anything of the sort, they will be removed from the tournament and disqualified. 

1.The Game Mode: 

1.1. Kill Confirmed/ Scavenger Hunt. 

1.2. Maps that will be played: Interchange, Factory, Woods and Customs. Each team will have one run per map that counts towards score, maps can be rerun on day 1 for a higher score if time is still available. On day 2 teams will only have 1 run per map. 

1.3. Crafting and using your scav is not allowed. 

1.4. The Tournament duration will be 10:00 hours over 2 days in 5:00 hour increments.

2.How it Plays: 

2.1. The Game Objective is to collect as much Dogtags as possible, only enemies’ Dogtags are valid (allies Dog tags does not count); 

2.2. After the end of a raid, teams can immediately re-enter a new game; 2.3. Dog tags can not be stored in secured containers. They must remain in the Tactical Rig, Armored Rig, Pockets or Backpack. 

2.4. When the raid starts, teams can act as they wish to achieve their goal of winning the tournament; 

2.5. The winning team will be announced shortly after the tournament ends and all scores have been tallied and reviewed.

3.Victory Conditions: 

3.1. The ranking of the tournament is calculated based on the individual points awarded by the individual challenges. 

3.2. Only the top 4 teams will continue on to day 2

3.3. In case of tie, the ranking will be defined by the most number of headshots of the Players (in case of further tie the ranking will be defined by the number of kills with this priority: PMC > Scav). 


4.1. Player killed Pmc dog tags count as 5 points each. 

4.2. Random pmc dog tags count as 2 points each. 

4.3. Teammates’ dog tags count as 0 points. 

4.4. Specified map items count as 1 point each. 

4.5. Factory FIR Face covers (balaclavas, half masks, etc.) 

4.6. Customs FIR Nuts and Bolts 

4.7. Interchange FIR Fabric 

4.8. Woods FIR Sugar 

Preset accounts:

Preset accounts with Set Gear will be provided the day of the Tournament.

2.5m Roubles, 10k USD, Level 2 Traders, 2 Triton Tactical Rigs (or any equivalent), 2 MMACs, 2 6B23-1 Body Armors, level 15 Endurance/Strength with level 10 all other skills, 1 Armor Repair Kit, 1 Weapon Repair Kit, 4 CALOK-B Hemostats, 4 Aluminum Splints, Gamma Secure Container, Standard Stash, 2CMS kits, 2 Salewas, 1 Grizzly, 1 Ibuprofen, 2 Morphine Injectors, x40 7.62×51 M80, x90 5.45×39 BP, 4 Aquamaris, 4 Iskras 

May be subject to change