Adaptive Warfare Tournament

Why “public servers”?

The Adaptive Warfare tournament’s core purpose is to showcase the overall talent of individuals that utilize adaptive controls, or otherwise non-standard controls to play tarkov. Working closely with JmaxJourneys we’ve decided that facing a truly “open” battlefield is the best way to shine a light on the skills of the individual participants. 

The Objective!

The tournament is a kill confirmed scavenger hunt. While players enter “raids” across a variety of maps, they will be searching for various map themed items while fighting tooth and nail for the enemy dogtag! 

There will be a total of 8 teams competing throughout Tarkov. Each team will have 1 adaptive controls player and 1 standard controls player working together to complete the objective. 

The Layout

Adaptive Warfare will take place on several different maps over the course of 10 hours split into 2 different sessions. The first session will take place July 16, 2022 at 3pm EST and end 5 hours after the official start. The top for 4 teams from session 1 (day 1) will move onto session 2 (day 2). Session 2 will take place July 17, 2022 at 3pm EST and again last 5 hours. At the end of session 2 we will officially announce the winners! 

How to Join!

Registration will be open from the 29 of June until the 12 of July
All applicants are subject to review 

Application are open to North America players only

Friendly Reminder

Adaptive Warfare is a tournament designed to bring awareness to a community of gamers. Please keep any and all messages positive and supportive. Utopia Gaming WILL NOT tolerate harassment in any capacity.


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